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Montclair Charter School Group Rejected Again

"We going to look at our options and see where we go from here." The Quest group has sought to launch a small high school with an enrollment of about 320 teens that would feature more individualized instruction than is available in the 1,900-student Montclair High School. As a charter school, Quest Academy would get its funding from the Montclair Board of Education but would be operated and governed by an independent board. "I hope this is finally at an end," said Board of Education Vice President Shelly Lombard. "It has introduced a lot of financial uncertainty for us. It is a huge variable that we had no control over." Lombard described a period around 2010 when the Quest application was filed as a difficult time for the Montclair School District.
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Pence?s misguided faith in state charter schools

Tony Lux superintendent Merrillville Community School Corp.  |  Provided Photo~Sun-Times Media

The state approved the recommendation last week. The city still plans to close the school in June, but Fahari officials are optimistic Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio , who has publicly opposed shuttering schools, will take another look at the academy. RELATED: NYC HURRIES TO CLOSE BAD CHARTER SCHOOL Marla Bahloul/New York Daily News/Marla Bahloul Fahari Academy Charter School in Brooklyn has six months to persuade Mayor-elect Bill de Blasios administration its worth saving. A de Blasio spokesman declined to comment. The 5-year-old middle school landed on the chopping block after three years of dismal grades on the citys progress reports, including an F in the latest round.
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Flatbush charter school fights to survive after producing dismal progress report grades

Even with significant shortcuts to gaining licensure, there is still a shortage. The shortage is so desperate that now the governor wants to bribe teachers to leave public schools by supplementing those fiscally responsible charter school salaries with additional state tax dollars (to be taken away, Im sure, from public school funds). The public needs to ask itself how many more wing-and-a-prayer acts of desperation (otherwise known as innovation) are going to be paid for by siphoning more and more public education tax dollars from the public schools that continue to raise ISTEP scores, national assessment scores and graduation rates to all time highs. The public also needs to challenge the false and misleading storyline that the teacher is the only variable for learning that stands in the way of student achievement.
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Fate Of Macdill Charter To Be Decided Tuesday

School district officials plan say they expect to advise the school board Tuesday to deny the application for MacDill Charter Academy. We have been unable to complete our consideration of this application ... because of our inability to determine the identity of the governing board, wrote Jenna Hodgens, the school districts charter schools director, in a Nov. 22 letter to charter school officials. Those leading the charge to open the school say a five-member board of a Florida nonprofit corporation called Florida Charter Educational Foundation Inc. would be the ultimate decision-maker for the school.
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State receives feedback on Grayslake's Prairie Crossing Charter School

Wallace resigned on November 21, one day after being confronted in a Fort Worth parking lot by WFAA about mystery rent payments made with Prime Prep operating funds. The recent upheaval at Prime Prep has drawn the attention of the Texas Education Agency. Although the agency hasnt launched a formal investigation, spokesperson DeEtta Culbertson says they are aware of the issues there. TEA continues to be diligent in gathering information related to specific complaints regarding finances, special education and allegations of nepotism.
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Deion Sanders Fired By Charter School, Students Rally Behind Him

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Prairie Crossing determines enrollment by lottery. Vondracek said Woodland most recently shipped about $3 million in general state aid to Prairie Crossing to support 321 children from his district. Gildea said Fremont most recently was obligated to transfer about $757,000 to the charter school for 70 of its children. Parent and former Prairie Crossing board member Laura Elizabeth Fay had a different concern, saying more effort should be made to increase diversity at the school. She said it appears the school has an abundance of pupils from the upscale Prairie Crossing subdivision in Grayslake bordering the campus.
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Half Of Virtual Charter Schools Judged In New Report Cards Miss Mark

Supporters of the schools say they can be a last resort to students who've struggled in traditional schools and remain prone to dropping out, and that they're an alternative for others who learn best independently or are engaged in time-consuming outside activities. Tom Young, a 38-year teaching veteran, started teaching at eAchieve Academy in Waukesha in 2004 to find a way to improve the one-size-fits-all education approach of brick-and-mortar schools. "We provide a service that helps some students find a place to fit," Young said. "I'm constantly amazed at how well we can adapt and get these kids to be successful just because they are not constrained to a brick-and-mortar school." Young said he believes charter schools have to stop being judged as a massive whole and instead should be looked at individually.
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Charter Schools Unlikely In Mississippi For Fall 2014

Charter Schools Would Benefit From Levy

One obstacle to opening schools next fall could be hiring teachers. Public school teachers might sign contracts with their current districts for next year before a school would be approved, making them unavailable to a start-up. "There would be very slim pickings," board member Karen Elam of Oxford said of teachers. Elam and board member Bonita Coleman-Potter of Ocean Springs said other obstacles to opening in fall 2014 include demonstrating community interest, finding a building, and setting up transportation and food service. But other board members said they didn't want to foreclose all applicants from opening.
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Columbus School Board member Mike Wiles opposes sharing the levy with charters. All the people that I talked with that there was no way in the world that they were going to vote for a combined levy sharing money with charter schools, Wiles said. The charter sharing plan was first recommended by the mayors education commission and then approved by the school board. But it took a change in state law to allow local tax funding of charters. Supporters of the higher taxes promise only high performing non profit charter schools will receive levy money. And the levy money will only go to schools who agree to accept Columbus district children.
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UFT Charter school is opting out of new teacher evaluations

was gunned down last year. A CHARTER school run by the teachers union is opting out of the new ratings that city public school instructors have to face this year. We believe in following state and federal guidelines, but we take the opportunity of exercising some flexibility given to us in the charter school law, said UFT Charter School chief executive Sheila Evans-Tranumn. The Brooklyn charter school is one of 80 in the city that are exempt because they did not take any federal Race to the Top grant money.
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Letters: In Defense Of Charter Schools

The charter school mistake

(Los Angeles Times) Also October 5, 2013 Re "The charter mistake," Opinion, Oct. 1 To say I am disappointed by Diane Ravitch's Op-Ed article is an understatement. Many of her assertions regarding charter schools are offensive to the parents and educators who have created some amazing charters. The fact remains: Los Angeles parents are choosing charter schools in high numbers, and they are producing academic results for students. As independent, tuition-free public schools, charters disproportionately serve low-income students incredibly well. Charters are accountable to taxpayers and the state and federal government for results.
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Pauline Liu: New charter school ahead for Warwick?; meeting tonight

In so doing, theyll highlight a key issue in this years mayoral race: whether New York City will side with kids and push for good schools or side with unions and keep rotten ones going. Yes, the city has seen rallies before. But usually these have been secretly organized by the teachers unions or their allies. Not Tuesday. Thats when real moms, dads and kids will be out fighting for charters.
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Parents? historic march for charter schools

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